Life’s Mission – a foundation?

I had lunch today with a good friend and several ideas rolled around in my noggin as I drove away from that meeting. We both discussed how we have come to a place of commitment to our entrepreneurial vision. It reminded me of my two week I spent in the orphanage in Ethiopia. In that time a conviction and new level of passion was birthed.

At the time the level of intentionality was producing just enough for me and my family to be comfortable. Here I was looking in to the eyes of infants every day realizing that that was not enough. I had much more to offer, both for my family, but also for others. I remember the phrase to whom much is given much is required. I have always been a dreamer. Someone who sees potential all around me. This conviction released passion to find out who I am and how I could fit in as part of productive positive enterprise. So my hope is that you who read this will be inspired to start dreaming and pondering who you are and what it is that you can get behind one hundred percent.

So my answer to the title of this post is your life’s mission primary aim or whatever you want to call it is a source of peace, passion, and living in the present in a meaningful way.

Do you have a story that would inspire other servant entrepreneurs to action?

Thank you for engaging in discussion on this and many other topics related to being a servant entrepreneur!


2 responses to “Life’s Mission – a foundation?

  1. My mom was born and raised in Ethiopia until she moved to the USA when she was 21.

    It would be wonderful to find a place, company, church, ministry that you could sow 100% into because you were confident you belonged there. I pray we all find that place.

  2. @Amber
    Ethiopia is an amazing place full of amazing people worthy of our service, respect and imagination.

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