Your life mission – importance, definition and application pt. 2

My life mission? Why?

All of our lives are filled with joy and pain. We mostly run away from pain and joy often alludes us. It’s funny because most of us are groping around in the dark looking for something we just can’t seem to find. Who we are is not some simplistic statement, but words can move us from apathy to passion and purpose when the right ones are spoken.

In our culture we have many false promises. Generally we know they won’t satisfy but we run after them anyway. I have five children! You would be surprised at the responses I get when I tell people that. At times I believed the hype. Oh it will be so hard. The reality is that my life has been enriched exponentially with each child. I personally have become a better person with a greater capacity for love. In the same way business enterprise is more than money it’s about people, it’s about producing something of value for life.

So why in the world am I telling you this? I am telling you this because I have a deep desire to offer you a gift. The gift of a passionate life intentionally base on who you are. Motivating people to answer the question who am I and what is my life mission is the gift I offer. Many who have run after money, fame or other things come up empty. Enterprise is about passion, determination, and goals, but you need a real vision based in who your are. Enterprises need people who feel a calling to their role. Your enterprise should be birthed out of who you are. I challenge you to explore what really matters. What really get you going? This life is too short not too seek out the answer to this important foundational question. As you find out the answers you will find a new source of energy!

Too passion for enterprise…


One response to “Your life mission – importance, definition and application pt. 2

  1. Thanks for sharing about your kids. I think that the big family fear myth is almost as strong as the money makes you happy myth.

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