What is a Servant Entrepreneur?

I will not try to give any kind of exhaustive answer, but I will describe some of my resent thoughts. I see a servant entrepreneur as someone who works to build organization they believe will produce a tangible value that has the potential to empower people. The out come of the enterprise helps serve to empower individual. Much more to be said but I will leave it for a later date.

I would like to share an analogy to help bring clarity to what I believe is a powerful concept. For most of my life work has been about survival, profit, and being able to have money for fun things. I’m not making a judgment about that other then to say my vision has broadened. So back to the analogy. Think of your business like a fruit tree. You cultivate it and it will grow and produce fruit. I see the real value of this tree or business is that some child can come and eat that fruit and that child has just received empowerment. The seeds are the profit to continue to multiply the fruit.

After seeing this vision I began to ask myself the question, why don’t I build organizations with this vision of empowerment? How can I be strategic in choosing which organization to build?

So I’m still just starting this journey and would love to hear your thoughts. Technorati Tags:


2 responses to “What is a Servant Entrepreneur?

  1. I think your ideas are excellent. I would love to get up with you at some point to catch the full vision.

  2. Thank you Scott, look forward to sharing more with you as time permits.

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