Take time to draw the vision: put it down with pen and ink

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”


Our vision is our sight and without it we cannot find our way. When our vision is blurred or distracted we take the risk of getting lost. What is your vision? If you have not found it, what would you give to find it. A vision or dream is worth seeking, finding and caring for. For me it has been more like a wrestling match. Fighting through the fog to find some clarity and understanding.

There is a passage in the Bible which states “without vision the people perish”.  A vision helps to guide you. It takes stock of who your are and gives direction to your journey. The journey is never a straight line, but if you are able to keep your vision you will continue to close in on it. It has the potential to produce passion, determination, and goals; it can release a sense of excitement for the journey.

In practice my vision has shifted and changed as I have become more aware. I say this to release you from the desire to write down some static unchanging goal. I would say that the vision has not changed as much as the details are being revealed as I take the time with it. Life has flow, but rivers have banks. Michelangelo had the vision, but without the skill and discipline he could not create what he saw. What is it that you see? What skills will you need? My vision reveals who I was created to be. Who I am reveals what I can invest in to grow. This is the starting point. What we see reveals where we are headed.

So if you’re an entrepreneur with a lot of growth and maturing to do like me, then let’s not bypass this fundamental step. I am going to develop this skill. Dream on…


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