Interview with VP of “Por Fin Nuestra Casa”, PFNC

Por Fin Nuestra Casa translated into English means, “Finally, a home of our own.” PFNC is a new venture that seek to serve to bring secure affordable housing for those in need.  They are beginning in Mexico and hoping to expand to other countries eventually.  They began to get a wider exposure after wining the 2007 Nortre Dame Business Plan Competition.  I recently did an interview with the Vice President of PFNC, Pablo Nava.

(IK) What advice would you give someone who wanted to explore doing
something similar?

(PN) My advice would be to stay focused on what exactly you
want to accomplish.  As you advance through the stages of building a
company there are many opportunities that seem wonderful, however these
opportunities may not be aligned with who you are or what you do.  It is
very difficult to turn down these options, but you must keep your end goal in
mind, and try to not deviate from the quickest path to that goal.

(IK) Sometimes it’s the troubles and challenges that others persevere
through that helps the widest number of people in there own lives.  In
light of this could you describe a challenging  time that you made it
through.  What principles did you learn?

(PN) I think that getting your business from the idea stage
to the organization stage can be very difficult.  You will run into many
critics and few supporters of your idea, but it is important to keep the
faith.  Listen to each bit of criticism openly, and if needed adjust your
idea accordingly.  This process can be long and grueling, but it is
important to believe in your idea and in yourself.  After you pass this
stage you will never be more proud of yourself, and what you have accomplished.

(IK) What is you vision, dream or picture that you have for your
organization?  Describe what it looks like for you.

(PN) Our dream is to raise the standard of living for as
many people as possible, but beyond simply homes, we want to create
communities.  We want our homes to be the starting ground of a new
beginning, not an end point, but rather a stepping stone to a better life.
We would like to see these communities promote small businesses to develop, for
schools and hospitals to be created, and for the overall way of life to be

(IK) I know that just seeing the short videos posted on your web site are
enough to inspire my life.  Do you have a story to tell of some family or
individual that has been impacted by this new enterprise?

(PN) When we filmed our commercial in Juarez, we met several
families who were kind enough to allow us to film their homes and to
participate in interviews.  These families really touched our hearts, and
we have been able stay in close contact with them.  On a recent trip to
Juarez we were able to bring extra toys, clothing, and groceries, and show them
the commercial which featured their children and families.  It is moments
like these which inspire us to  push forward, and remind us just how
blessed we are.

(IK) Is there any other message you would like to get out?

(PN) I would stress to everyone that you can continue to be a
financial success while making an effort to change someone’s life.
There are so many good people in this world, and even more great ideas.
Do not be afraid to challenge the norm, or to test new waters.  Innovation
is what changes the world, and everyone is capable of making a difference.

(IK) How can someone learn more about how to be a part of your

(PN) We are always looking for more people to get
involved.  For more information please visit our website at .

Video on NBC

Video of Model home


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