Inspire or motivate? – Lance Secretan

Lance Secretan is teaching executives that there is a major benefit to all when we lead through inspiration instead of motivation.  We all want to be inspired in our work.  On the other hand we don’t want to be the donkey with the carrot in front of us and a stick behind.  Lance says motivation is using fear to get done what we want for us alone.  Motivation can and has worked to some degree, but can we achieve more through inspiration?

I love that someone at Lance’s level of achievement can say such things like motivation is based in fear, but inspiration is based in love.  I want to be passionate about what I spend my days doing.  I don’t think I am the only one.  I get depressed when I am working because I’m afraid of loosing everything. We think that if we help or love someone else that we somehow will loose.  We can care about someone else and inspire in them what is our common mission.  Better to have the right people on the bus and inspired than to try to motivate someone to be someone they are not.

I think this means having clear values and finding people who can buy into those values.  When we have this in common we can help each other to the best of our ability and still meet the mission of our organization.  In this way we can be consistent.

So as a leader how can we inspire?  As an entrepreneur can we value the customer our employees and at the same time be successful at our mission?  I would say yes.  It is nice to have just a little more proof thanks to the successful track record of Lance Secretan.  I look forward to learning more about how Lance accomplishes this.


5 responses to “Inspire or motivate? – Lance Secretan

  1. Thanks for the support and encouragement. We need to work together to make this old world work better – and inspiring leadership is what we need more of. Keep doing your good work. Namaste! Lance.

  2. hi there! thanks for your post! i am encouraged to think about working from inspiration more than motivation (out of fear). wow.

    here’s a link to an 11-minute talk (audio) on the same theme:


  3. Thank you lance! I look forward to reading some of your books.

  4. Thank you skye. Thanks for adding your link. More good content.

  5. Thanks for the reminder, Isaac.

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