Where’s the Vision?

What happens when you wake up after five or ten years of building a company and instead of vision you feel disillusioned and confused?  Maybe your tired?  Maybe you have had some failures?  What ever it is it’s not a very fun place.  To be honest I have personal experience with that wall.  You come to a place where the thing that is most key to your success seems to be gone.  Seeing the end picture clearly helped me slowly methodically work toward a goal.  So my desperate cry to the heavens was why me?  How did I get here and how do I get out of this place.

harvestFor starters lets be honest starting and building takes and incredible amount of effort.  Contrary to what some people believe, the types of people who start and build companies are not the greedy get rich quick types.  We are the type of people who are driven to create something of value for the marketplace.  We suffer to high of a price in this process to be about riches and ease alone.  That does not mean we are some kind of saint, just that we like every one else are both good and bad.  In spite of this I believe that generally there is something admirable to see in those who are willing to pay the emotional and financial price to build an organization that continually produces a valuable product or service for others.

So here I was tired and disillusioned.  No more vision.  Scared and tired.  Keeping up the front.  So where do you go from this place?  I would love to share a small part of what I learned through my experience and to say you are not the only business owner going through what you are.

First of all I had to figure out how I lost my way.  Where did I loose that passion that really gave me life even in hardship and stress?  I had lost my way by not keeping my skills ahead of my companies growth.  Much of where my company got to came naturally for my personality and God given natural skills.  I think big naturally.  So to get to where I got was really within my skill set to accomplish.  I reached the end of myself and stopped growing.  The areas I was forced to branch into were the areas that I felt the least comfortable.  Insecurity and lack of success started to do their work.  Setting budgets looking at ratios got my head spinning to the point I would feel paralyzed.  As overhead grew the need to keep ahead of the leadership issues in this area grew in importance.

Solution one is grow.  I needed to grow in the areas of weakness.  Take some small bites and learn one step at a time.  I don’t need to know as much as my accountant, but I do need to understand enough to make leadership decisions on a daily basis.  It was extremely important that I did not avoid my weakness.  I had to face it squarely and embrace it.  This is my weakness now let’s get to work.  Study and then apply what you have learned.

Think about this:  You will not be able to empower your employees, customers or family if you don’t take care of your vision.

To be continued…


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