Restoring Lost Vision

In the last post we talked about the unenviable place we can find ourselves in as the leader of our business.  To be at the helm with out a clear vision.  For what ever reason we have lost our way and must continue to move forward.  My first answer was to grow in the areas that I had neglected and avoided.  The next solution I want to throw out is that you reevaluate who you are and your role.  I think we can get of track and loose our way.  I know this happens to me.  I tend to take on roles that are needed and available.  Isn’t that what you do as a business owner.  Step in where ever you are needed.  Sure we all do it.  The buck stops here right.  What can we do about this?


We can come to a place where we know that we are going in circles and become disillusioned.  There is always some much more to do.  If you will take some time and step back you can see strategically.  You have to choose what you spend your time on.  You have to get control in some strategic ways.  It’s amazing how our perspective changes with even the smallest success.

In order to be more concrete let me describe what I mean.  For me I can get so busy with the daily grind that I can loose sight of the strategic objectives.  As a leader protecting a vision you must be making forward progress no matter how small or slow.  It may not be the way you are wired, but for me I loose hope and vision if I’m not moving.  I lost my vision because I came to a place where I was just maintaining.  It’s amazing how that little step forward helps me renew and even clarifies my vision.

Thought:  What is your stratigic objective?  What tasks have you done today to get you one step closer to that objective?


2 responses to “Restoring Lost Vision

  1. Great point. I was just getting into that cycle myself, and needed to pop out.

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