Flow and the Entreprenuer?


So what does flow have to do with the entrepreneur?

Simply put building an organization that produces value for people usually take years of hard work and persistence.  Some may succeed, but many also burn out.  Some gut it out but loose the joy of building their dream.  Could our entrepreneurial dream become a nightmare?

Many of us found an entrepreneurial dream in a place of flow.  A concentrated place where we were so focused we lost track of time and were given to a problem or idea.  Is there something to this idea and practice of flow?  I personally look for it and relish it when it happens.

As you watch the video look at the graph and notice the negative items such as stress and compare that to your own experience as a business builder.  As leaders we have great potential to face burnout if we don’t learn and grow in ways that will empower us to full fill our role as entrepreneur.  Many of the best entrepreneurial concepts were birthed in this flow.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

The following video is and interesting talk By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on creativity, fulfillment and flow


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