Why support entrepreneurs?

ahandupSometimes it seems like we are all doing our own thing. And to a large extent this is true. We determine thousands of courses for our lives every day. What if the success of others did affect you would it seem more important? I just want to point out a few thoughts that I had today as I was wondering why I should encourage and seek to empower friends and people I don’t even know who are entrepreneurial?

There are some more reasons then this but I want to focus on one.

We rely on innovation, products and services every day. We rely on jobs and income to support our families. This is not about the need to constantly have more, but rather to encourage the best in this area. When we invest and encourage the best in our entrepreneurs we invest in people and our communities. We should be against corruption in business, but what better way then to invest in the character and growth of a budding entrepreneur?

Many of the greatest innovators are discouraged by virtually everyone around them, why not be the voice of affirmation. When we have an innovation in energy will that benefit us all?

So take a look around you and see who you might know that is starting out in business and start looking for ways to invest what you have. Knowledge, encouragement, or just challenge them to grow and get better.

So on behalf of those who want meaningful jobs, and those who need to be empowered by an innovative product or service encourage an entrepreneur. You got a crazy idea well then let’s develop it.

The following video is from the Unleashing Ideas,  Global Entrepreneurship Week.


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