An entrepreneurial narrative – what’s yours?

doorWhere does this passion come from?  It’s like if you have it great, but if you don’t then what.  Where do people get that passion and drive from to create something great?  They do all this in the face of great opposition.  I don’t claim to know because we are all unique but my suspicion is that there are some common base line factors.  The following is my basic and broad idea which I want to share with you.

First it’s about being.  Who are you?  I’m sure I don’t know who you are  so you might as well begin figuring that out.

Second who do you care about.  Business is service and and at an even deeper level it is the icky gushy overused word love.  In the more sterile form that we are used to business is about serving the customer.

And lastly it’s the raw skills of leadership and business sense.  Do you know enough about building an organization, accounting, management, leadership, goal setting, marketing, client fulfillment and on and on.

The following is the narrative to illustrate the process someone might have in recognizing their entrepreneurial passion.

Cathy is minding her own business trying to get by in life when she goes through a tough pregnancy and finally a life threatening bought of postpartum depression.  She is misdiagnosed and treated for the wrong symptoms.  It takes hear a month to get stable enough to just survive normally.  She studies and learns every thing she can.  People start asking her for advice and help.  She finds life from helping women get through what she went through.   She starts to ask the same question over and over.  How can I help these women?  What can be done to give them the power to survive this difficult ordeal and come through with their dignity.

Cathy reads and studies and talk to women until she thinks her brain is going to explode.  It becomes almost an obsession.  She starts writing down her ideas and testing them.  Finally she writes a book that clearly explains what it is that she believes in so strongly.  She has no idea about publishing or marketing this product so she starts a new pursuit.  The study of business.  How does it work?  How can I get this accomplished.  She is author creating an product and becoming an entrepreneur and the passion to do this comes from who she is.  I helps her to not become something different but just more mature in what she already is.

Being an entrepreneur is not taking a magic pill.  It is becoming who you are and serving what you love.  What will your story be?  Share yours no matter where you are in the process.


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