Can an orgainization be moral?

What do you think?

You can come at this from many different angles, but my personal opinion is that we can easily lose our concept and way when we generalize.  When talking about business, government, corporations and all kinds of different organizations we often talk about them as if they are human.  They have emotions and guilt.  In business we gearsoften blame problems and issues on the market.  It was “market factors” that caused this.  In reality the market is made up of real living breathing people just like and organization.  If we want to understand the market or an organization we have to understand people.

Why are some organizations creating great value while others are being killed by parasitic CEO’s?  Why are some organizations making a killing by selling products that harm your health?  Not because of “the market” or the corporation but because of us.  These things reflect us the individuals.  It’s people who trade in order to satisfy both positive and negative desires.  We are the one who bless and curse ourselves, our markets and our businesses.

So, if we have some measure of power ,why not find out how we can be a positive market factor and a positive business force?  It is in your hand every time you shop.  When we build an organization, we have thousands of choices.  By doing the right thing, by being the best at serving and producing value, you can make a profit.  The best artists are driven to create.  They give far more then they take.  I am crazy enough to believe I can give more then I take and still be happy. And in the ways that are truly important, I’m rich.  When we look to take more than we give, that is, in itself, a form of poverty.  Our own hearts will be divided and our passion will wain.  Isn’t creating the next great innovation or organization more fulfilling to you then creating some ponzi scheme.

You have choices today!  Who are you and where are you going?


3 responses to “Can an orgainization be moral?

  1. I agree Isaac. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. You have been very helpful to me!

  2. May be off topic, but where did you get that cool pic of the gears!?

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