The Entrepreneur’s Muse


When we think of a muse we often think of someone who is the object of a creative flow for an artist. What would be the equivalent for an entrepreneur? It’s simple really. It’s that real life friend or family member with a problem.

Magic happens in a creative person when confronted with a problem they start to dwell on. A muse can be the focus of attention and even a passion. In the same way we have real live people in our lives with real life problems to be solved.

Looking out and observing those we care about most can be a gold mine for the entrepreneurial mind. So my suggestion for the budding entrepreneur is to take a look at the people you love most and ask the question, “what is it that is lacking or hurting? What problem could I solve?”  The answers for one person has the potential to benefit thousands or maybe even millions. So get out there and find your muse.

It’s not like you can’t hear people complain every day!


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