Ponderings — Respect in business relationships?

faceartRight now everyone is clamoring for the newest the latest and the greatest.  How can we make it big?  The more I look forward the more I remember the tried and true.  You want to build and grow you need to remember the basics.  One of the foundational principles of commerce and trade is respect.  The fruit of respect is listening hearing and learning.  To be a great leader you need to have this down.  It must be at the front of your mind or you will have blind spots and be a less effective leader in your company and in life.

I value respect because it is a platform to build real relationships on and business is all about relationships and trust and respect.  So I am reminding myself to be open to learn from those around me.

So how do I succeed and how do I fail?


2 responses to “Ponderings — Respect in business relationships?

  1. Thanks for this, Isaac. It is a timely and needed reminder (at least for me).

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