Listening a Foundational Element in any Endeavor

As I have been reviewing Paul Polak and his ideas one of his simple concepts that he says is one of the most overlooked is listening.  It doesn’t really matter what type of organization you build or run this is one of the most important disciplines you can develop.  How did Paul and IDE help 17 million out of poverty?  Here is a foundational key you should listen to.  Don’t miss this!  Who is your business, social enterprise or charity serving?  Go now and listen.  Ask the right questions and listen.

Why listening is foundational?

It is absolutely essential to our limited time, human, and financial resources that we don’t waist our time with enterprises that are wasteful and ineffective.  If you run a business or charity one of the worst feelings you can have is to invest your heart and soul into something that fails to meet the needs of your customer.   You work and strive and fail your customer even though you have invested so much of your heart.  When your goal is to meet a need by organizing and creating value that serves life then wisdom says, “humble yourself and learn to listen”.

Listen to Paul in his own words:

Full Video Here


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