We empower those who create meaningful enterprise. We do this through providing resources, dialog, vision and encouraging relationships in your local community.

The vision of the servant entrepreneur is the vision of someone who is passionate about an enterprise and sets out to empower others through both the way the organization is run and what it produces. This kind of entrepreneur understands that just like inventors who create things that help and serve others their organizations serve the community and the world. It’s good to earn a good living, but is that the end of the vision. Why not set out to build things that produce good jobs for the next generation. It’s about being a catalytic change agent by being the best you can be as an entrepreneur. We were created to go after big dreams. Let’s face it more junk in the garage will only motivate you so much. When you see the fruit of your enterprises and how they bless and empower others your motivation will increase exponentially.

Some of the ways entrepreneurs serve.

  1. Inspirational Ideas
  2. Through finding creative ways to build an organization.
  3. Through empowering individuals within the organization to reach higher levels of potential.
  4. Though empowering communities through valuable products or services and other creative means.

If this is something your interested in share your comments…


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