Meet Locally

Leaders need inspiration, stimulation, networks and most of all relationships that empower. Start a group in your community! We all need the synergy birthed out of strategic relationship. We have to be rooted in our families and community. As you begin to be intentional about your relationships fruit is born naturally.

If you are an entrepreneur then start meeting with and encouraging your friends. Just have lunch. Find ways to have a good time. To make a difference in your life and in the world you have to make a difference in your own community first. Take the time to listen and see the potential in your friends. Share what your reading.

The vision is to find people in your community that have the vision of starting or improving their enterprise/business and trade information, skills, and encouragement. Look for individuals who share a passion and value for servant leadership. Look for friends that have different skills and talents then you and that are willing to speak into your life and challenge you. This world is in desperate need for you to reach your potential. Take small strategic steps.


3 responses to “Meet Locally

  1. Check out as a resource to meet people who have a common interest.

  2. For New York City folks, Redeemer has a great network:

  3. Live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    Interested in Christian Community Development…Mexico…

    Agricultural background.
    Volunteer with

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