What resources could empower you on your journey?

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1.  Blogs – Best Blogs for Small Business

2.  Small Business consulting – More than thirty years of experience helping you gain understanding that leads to action.

I personally recommend the E-Myth products. I think that the strength of the program is that it does more than give you knowledge, it help you start to do. Let’s face it if we just did some of the foundational things we have learned we would be far ahead of the level we currently find ourselves.  They have resources that you can get started with even if your budget is small.


Fresh vision and prospective on Leadership.

3.  Understanding and implementing principles of Servant Leadership

We love to blame the system and “the Man”. Well here is my question to you. What’s your answer to the debunked unjust system? I believe I have learned a foundational key in this book.

A. Servant First, Leadership for the New Millennium, by John Sullivan

B.  Lance Secretan

Lance is an author, speaker and coach working with executives and leaders.

Suggest Resources that have helped your business or organization.

4.  Examples of people who serve as well as build organization that are sustainable and continue to serve.

A. Paul Polak –  Paul wrote a book which I have recently read titled, Out of Poverty what works when traditional methods fail.  Paul brilliance is not in how complicated he makes things.  It’s in the simplicity and humility that he listen and looks.  His customers have been those small farmer who live on less then a dollar a day.  It is estimated that his organization an the products they have developed have empowered 17 million to escape poverty.  His twelve steps can be applied anywhere.


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